Leo Distributors prides itself in providing one of the most innovative and cost-driven heating solutions available when it comes to bulk wood and pellet burners. Woodmaster has come up with a very affordable solution to oil, gas, and electricity-dependent heating systems. The Woodmaster wood-burning heating system operates simply by controlling the heat produced from burning wood, and exchanging it with hot water. The system can be added to existing forced-air furnace solutions, virtually eliminating the electrical requirements for heat and hot water.

Leo Distributors is pleased to announce the long-awaited arrival of Woodmaster’s newest line of furnace. The new line, called Woodmaster Plus, maximizes the energy potential found in corn to heat your home, garage, workshop, etc. The Woodmaster Plus can also burn wood pellets as well as paper pellets and attaches to your already existing forced-air furnace solution just as the standard Woodmaster wood-burning furnace.

The Woodmaster can be used to Heat homes, businesses, Farm Buildings, Pools and to melt Ice on Drives and Sidewalks.  Call us today to find out which model will work best for your needs!

For more information on WoodMaster, visit Woodmaster.com.

We also sell premium hardwood pellets in 40 lb bags and 1 ton pallets.

WoodMaster EPA-Certified Clean Fire

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